Monday, January 26, 2009


Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!

A Very Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year to one and all!!...
Time flies...
It's another year of Ang Pow collection already...
Hmm.. The last year to collect ang pows..
Or is it got another year?..
Heard got 1 year "lag" kind of thing haha..

Anyway.. Hope the year of Ox proves to be a great one..
Stay Positive..
Stay Healthy...

The rest will follow...

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Feng Sheng Shui Qi!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Language Barrier in the Land of the Rising Sun

As usual.. Like most of our overseas trips together..
We love to have at least a meal just like the locals..
Where the locals eat.. Even in less developed countries..
Non of those fancy, touristy stuff...

So for this Osaka trip.. We managed to do the same..
The moment we entered the restaurant..
It seems like all the eyes were on us..
Because the men were in business suits probably having their meals after work..
And we were the only non-locals..

And so the ordering began..
There were NO pictures of food anywhere..
Not in the menus.. And not on the walls where lots of notices were pasted..
And so we asked.. "Speak English?"..
And like most Japs we've came across... Not at all..
So the hand gestures.. finger pointing and gesticulating began..

After all the effort in ordering...
As we were chatting while we waited for our food..
The waitress returned..
And probably having overheard our conversation..
Started speaking to us in Mandarin!
She's actually from China!..

That provided us with a good laugh before dinner..

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Speak English.. or Mandarin.. or Hokkien?..