Monday, April 23, 2007

The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach..

If ever there was someone the abovementioned phrase was formed for..
It must be me!!
The food doesn't have to be world class..
It's just the effort and love that is put into the cooking..
So heart warming..
So easily bribed Haha..
So easily contented.. With meals cooked.. Soup boiled.. Herbal Soups prepared etc..
-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Ginseng soup for you?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Great Help Indeed!...

Having problems with my laptop's touchpad mouse..
For some reason.. It is not feeling my tender touches Haha...

Anyway, so I was trying to figure out how to solve the problem..
As many of you should know by now.. I'm NO IT genius..
Not even close..
But I believe nobody is stupid enought to go through this nonsense..

After clicking around on the properties of the mouse from control panel..
I finally decided to click "Troubleshoot" and this was what I saw...


Mouse Troubleshooter

What problem are you having?

( ) I'm having a problem with my mouse.



*&^#@%##@!@% I may not be a IT genius.. but don't take me as an idiot! Haha..

If Bill Gates were to be beside me.. I'd probably have threw the lap top at him haha..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Can I offer troubleshooting advice too?!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blah.. Blah.. Blah...

Some days I feel like a King..
Some days I feel like Shit..
And today definitely does not feel like one of my royal days...
Just where did my crown go?

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Return of the King.. when sunlight hits.. I'm sure..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Mum: The Super Woman in disguise!...

Been quite a while since I wanted to make this entry..
But have been real busy and so didn't feel like blogging much..
But here it goes..

Reasons why I feel my mum is a Super Woman in disguise.. (Just a few of many many many reasons):

1) One fine day when I returned home from work.. One cabinet disappeared from the living room.. It's the heavy bulky book shelf kind!.. My mum managed to get rid of it all by herself when I'd think it'd take 2-3 guys to carry it!.. Don't know how she managed to do it!.. She just told me.. Just drag and pull lor.. My gosh!...

2) She has been waking up at 4-5am every morning.. and leaving the house by 530am to head to work.. Before my sis and I started working.. She'd be doing that almost 7 days a week.. and with overtime.. working til about 7pm.. Confirmed superwoman!.. If I can work this kind of hours in my industry.. I'd be a millionaire by now! haha..

3) My mum fractured her wrist recently.. Her hand was in a cast.. But in a few days time.. she was back at doing the laundry, ironing etc.. When I told her to rest and that I will do it.. But she kept saying it's ok.. and did everything when I'm out working... She's simply amazing!!

My mum has set such a high standard! Haha..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Super woman number 2?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Awards Dinner

Attended the Co's Awards Dinner recently at the Swissotel.
Here are some pics.. Don't usually get to "dress up"..
Only for the once-a-year awards dinner such as this
(*fingers crossed* every year continue to qualify Haha..)
So bear with me haha..

Love the Shirt!!

Awards Dinner theme "the ONE"

the BOSS


(with the red audi TT!)

the ONE

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Thanks to all friends and clients who have progressed (and are progressing) with me through my career!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Quote of the Day...

"LOVE as though you have never been hurt before...
LIVE as though Heaven is on Earth."

Feelings of Bliss..
May it last for a long.. long.. long.. time...
And FOREVER sounds like it's long enough =)

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Blissful...