Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

Did you miss me while I was away?! Haha..
Was away for 5 days to Bangkok with Wifey and in-laws...
That explains why I haven't been blogging much lately...

Anyway.. decided to have an entry to take a look back at how 2010 went for me... one last entry before the year ends...
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Though it feels soooooo long ago... The company incentive trip to Seoul, Korea was in Jan.. (Check my FB for more pics.. realized I didn't write much about the trip...)
Totally loved it with the great company of Wifey and colleagues/friends...
Also, it was the first time I've experienced snow... ("suaku" I know!)..
Perhaps we got more than we bargained for.. as it was the heaviest snowfall in like 70 (or 100?) years...

Snow in Seoul, Korea -

Friday, December 24, 2010

Visiting Seremban, Malaysia - Part 2

Visit to Seremban, Malaysia - Part 1

You may know that I visited Malaysia for a short-getaway to visit a friend who gave birth in Seremban, Malaysia.

Here is Part 2... 
The main thing I can remember from my visit to Seremban?.... Great Food!
So the best thing to do if visiting Seremban, Malaysia is to EAT!....

Thanks to Michael... who brought us to eat the Char Siew Wanton Mee... or BBQ Pork Dumpling noodles...
We loved it!!!!

Let the pictures speak....

Seremban, Malaysia - pic from

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Visit to Seremban, Malaysia - Part 1

Visited a friend over the weekend in Seremban, Malaysia.
She gave birth back at her hometown and is doing her confinement there.
Took it as a short get-away holiday vacation as well to explore Seremban, Malaysia.

Check out the baby pics 
Elysha - Congrats to Mummy Lu Ee and Michael!

This is the hotel that we stayed

Time Hotel - Seremban, Malaysia
A pretty decent place.
It looks clean with all the facilities working perfectly fine. 
Don't expect much but it is only RM$90 a room a night.
That's about only SGD$19 per pax.

After checking in, we paid our friend a visit at her place.

A father's pride

Monday, December 20, 2010

Elysha - Congrats to Mummy Lu Ee and Michael!

Visited Luee in Malaysia over the weekend..

Here's the sneak peak of their newborn girl...







--Ginseng Tonic Maker--
Will be uploading more pics on my FB..

Inspirational Beyond Words

Probably the most inspirational and motivational person in 2010?

It is simply amazing!!! You really have to see it to believe it...

Live Spectacularly

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 15 Blog Posts - The Best of 2010

Decided to have a personal list of the top blog entries for 2010...
The best of my very own blog entries for the year 2010

Some even I have forgotten about.. Till I started going through them again...
I tried not to have duplicate entries of "Readers' Favourites" on the right.. (check them out too if you haven't)

So if you are new around here or even if you have been reading my blog..
You may want to read through some of the entries again...
I think it is worth re-reading =)

My Top 15 Blog Entries - The Best of 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Importance of English

Remember the naggy English teacher in school who nagged at you to: 

brush up on your English...

learn your grammar....

check your spelling...

and RE-CHECK your spelling...

As though it could destroy you life if you didn't do as told?...

THAT teacher may be right after all...
Carelessness in life unlike in exams.. can cost you more than a few marks...

One spelling mistake can destroy your life.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Can anything be more important than family?

Had a family lunch over the weekend...
We brought our mum out to Pan Pac for a buffet lunch...
Also coz Wifey and I bought a book for our nephew.. 
It has been a while since I've seen my nephew...
Any longer I think he'll forget my face already...

Feeling grouchy coz he just woke up

Didn't take long for him to warm up

He's squatting down coz I was squatting down trying to take pics of him

The Grandma

His way of showing love....

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Words of Wisdom - What Life has Taught Me

"Be simple, 
be caring 
and be honest.

That's what a person is remembered for after death,
not how rich he was 
and how much he had"

- Mr I. Ponnampalam, 83

As read on A fighter carries on  in The Straits Times, Nov 28 2010
written by Wong Kim Hoh, Senior Writer

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