Saturday, September 30, 2006

Money Sense

I just got a new handphone recently (2 days ago!).. Sony Ericsson k800i I think..
Some people may wonder why am I blogging about this..
But some who know me will know that this is NEWS! Haha..
Because I'm so watchful of my spending..
I've been talking about buying phone and digi cam for such a loooonnng time..
And even when I was buying.. My buddy can't help but feel frustrated at my indecisiveness Haha..
PDA-Phone?.. Camera phone?.. Nokia?.. Sony-Ericsson?..
But this blog is not about the phone.. (which is good by the way.. so far so good.. the camera is pretty great!)

This blog entry is more about how i watch my spending..
The temptation to spend is definitely there..
The temptation of buying a car is so great.. esp since some of my colleagues have bought or are thinking of buying.. and we're frm the same batch which makes our income pretty close..
But unlike them, I'm of the view that I'm not ready to commit yet.. Coz the cost will be exorbitant.. Instalments, petrol, parking, fines, servicing.. and the list goes on forever.. Maybe in another year or 2.. MAYBE

Maybe.. Because, when I first started working.. I was thinking if my income hits $5k a month I'll probably buy a car as i think I'll be comfortable affording it.. But now, I feel that maybe $5k isn't enough also.. Maybe thinking of hitting $10k first..
The bar seems to keep rising..

I'm a person who doesn't like financial obligation I suppose.. Don't like to be in debt.. If I overspend on shopping or holiday or gadgets etc.. At least I just feel bad for a while and watch my spending in the next few months.. and things will be pretty much the same.. But if I buy a car without being ready.. I'll be affected for years!!..

My work buddy said to me.. We will only be 25 ONCE .. Now don't buy.. Next time older got money then buy it'll be nothing impressive already..
And knowing the way I keep considering and thinking b4 I make a purchase.. He passed a remark something along the line..
You work so hard, earn the money.. So young but think so much.. Don't know saving for what..

Haha.. sometimes I wonder why too..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Planting seeds for my harvest..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lousy Entries

Reading my entries on my descriptions of Korea..
I think they are very lousy Haha..
That explains why in school I've always written argumentative essays/compositions..
And I was quite a fan of General Paper in JC..

My descriptive essays / compositions are really terrible..
And now I'm proving the point all over again haha..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker --
Hotspring in Korea

It's another sleepless night.. Not sure if it's the stress.. Or the date.. Or too much on my mind.. Or the ginseng tea is working so well I'm getting over-hyper haha..
Since I can't get to sleep.. Might as well do another blog entry..

Since someone requested that I blog about my hotspring experience in Korea.. I'll accede to it and write about my experience.. But just to set the record STRAIGHT.. There's NO adventure with Melvin!!! Haha.. Don't make it sound so weird!..

The Hot Spring in Korea (or at least the one we went to).. everybody has to go in naked.. yes.. naked.. even the ladies.. but of course the males and females are seperated (but I hear there are other hot springs that have common ones for both males and females!)..

The "fun" began way before we reached the Hot Spring.. Because the ladies, especially the aunts and Indonesian ladies that joined our tour group.. Were like giggling and laughing so hard as they contemplated whether to go to the hot springs.. and whether exceptions can be made etc etc.. It was pretty hilarious actually haha..
For the guys, there wasn't anything of that sort.. I think army has trained us well..

The hot spring was a great experience.. my first time ever.. there were different hot springs available.. with various temperatures (some cold, some hot).. and with various herbs, mints, ginseng etc.. It was a great experience.. But I don't think I'm a very big fan of it haha.. People who know me will know that I like to try everything (or at least most things.. ) at least ONCE.. So usually I'm game for most things..

I'm not that big a fan because.. I don't find enjoyment in letting my body go through temperatures that are not THAT comfortable.. It was either too hot or too cold!.. and being in the ginseng hot spring.. makes me feel like a chicken.. being boiled to make chicken ginseng soup! haha..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Boiled Ginseng Chicken..

Monday, September 25, 2006

Back View of the "Earth God"

Any resemblance? Haha..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jeju Island

Finally blogging about Korea..
Hope this entry goes through without problem coz I was typing when don't know what happened everything was deleted.. Argh nevermind..

Here's a pic from Korea's Jeju Island..
I'm between statues of 2 "earth gods".. You'll see plenty in Jeju island.. The reason why they have them is to boost up their "yang qi".. Coz in Jeju island.. The females outnumber the males.. Because it being an island.. They fish for a living (not sure abt now though).. So as fishing for a living goes.. Not everybody make it back.. So naturally over time.. the females outnumber the males.. so the "ying qi" stronger...

The statues are meant to balance the qi.. Something very interesting is that.. the back of the statues.. they shape it to look like the male sexual organ haha.. we were happily taking pics of the statues when the tour guide shocked us with this revelation haha..

Was trying to upload the pic.. but it gave me some problems.. so I'll try to upload it next time then..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker --

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!

Had wanted to write and post some pics about my korea trip..
But I think this entry is a lot more important..
It's for all my friends out there!!.. (and anybody else who's reading haha..)

Been hearing about.. or reading from blogs.. or observing..
That things haven't exactly been very smooth sailing for some..

Is it the age?.. coz now like most around 25yrs old..
Quarter-life crisis ah? haha..
Feeling lost.. relationship problems etc etc..

Well Cheer Up pple.. Hang in there!!...
Everything happens for a reason..
And things will turn out well once the rough ride is over..


-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Ginseng for you?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Holidays are always over way toooooo fast..
Well.. It was an OK trip..
It's not those WOW trips where you get excited and start "selling" the country to your friends..
Mainly because it's a group tour i guess..
I hate group tours.. Long bus rides.. Rushed itenary..
Partly because it was mostly a scenic trip.. which I'm not totally crazy over.. thank goodness there were theme parks.. and most importantly..
Luckily there were great company of colleagues!..

Will try to blog abt the trip (or whatever i can remember!) over e next few days..
Stay tuned for the pics.. Will upload some when i get them.. or check out my friendster alternatively...

Way too sleepy already.. That's all for now..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Sipping Ginseng Tea as i blog =)