Saturday, September 30, 2006

Money Sense

I just got a new handphone recently (2 days ago!).. Sony Ericsson k800i I think..
Some people may wonder why am I blogging about this..
But some who know me will know that this is NEWS! Haha..
Because I'm so watchful of my spending..
I've been talking about buying phone and digi cam for such a loooonnng time..
And even when I was buying.. My buddy can't help but feel frustrated at my indecisiveness Haha..
PDA-Phone?.. Camera phone?.. Nokia?.. Sony-Ericsson?..
But this blog is not about the phone.. (which is good by the way.. so far so good.. the camera is pretty great!)

This blog entry is more about how i watch my spending..
The temptation to spend is definitely there..
The temptation of buying a car is so great.. esp since some of my colleagues have bought or are thinking of buying.. and we're frm the same batch which makes our income pretty close..
But unlike them, I'm of the view that I'm not ready to commit yet.. Coz the cost will be exorbitant.. Instalments, petrol, parking, fines, servicing.. and the list goes on forever.. Maybe in another year or 2.. MAYBE

Maybe.. Because, when I first started working.. I was thinking if my income hits $5k a month I'll probably buy a car as i think I'll be comfortable affording it.. But now, I feel that maybe $5k isn't enough also.. Maybe thinking of hitting $10k first..
The bar seems to keep rising..

I'm a person who doesn't like financial obligation I suppose.. Don't like to be in debt.. If I overspend on shopping or holiday or gadgets etc.. At least I just feel bad for a while and watch my spending in the next few months.. and things will be pretty much the same.. But if I buy a car without being ready.. I'll be affected for years!!..

My work buddy said to me.. We will only be 25 ONCE .. Now don't buy.. Next time older got money then buy it'll be nothing impressive already..
And knowing the way I keep considering and thinking b4 I make a purchase.. He passed a remark something along the line..
You work so hard, earn the money.. So young but think so much.. Don't know saving for what..

Haha.. sometimes I wonder why too..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Planting seeds for my harvest..


cyndax said...

Hey Ben,
I think i should start to learn from you.. I am not exactly opposite of you but close enough...

Hmm only 25 once...
What should I do?

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