Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jeju Island

Finally blogging about Korea..
Hope this entry goes through without problem coz I was typing when don't know what happened everything was deleted.. Argh nevermind..

Here's a pic from Korea's Jeju Island..
I'm between statues of 2 "earth gods".. You'll see plenty in Jeju island.. The reason why they have them is to boost up their "yang qi".. Coz in Jeju island.. The females outnumber the males.. Because it being an island.. They fish for a living (not sure abt now though).. So as fishing for a living goes.. Not everybody make it back.. So naturally over time.. the females outnumber the males.. so the "ying qi" stronger...

The statues are meant to balance the qi.. Something very interesting is that.. the back of the statues.. they shape it to look like the male sexual organ haha.. we were happily taking pics of the statues when the tour guide shocked us with this revelation haha..

Was trying to upload the pic.. but it gave me some problems.. so I'll try to upload it next time then..

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florence said...

hey... so little postings only??? hmmm... write ur adventure with melvin at the hotspring leh... hee.. =P

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