Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hotspring in Korea

It's another sleepless night.. Not sure if it's the stress.. Or the date.. Or too much on my mind.. Or the ginseng tea is working so well I'm getting over-hyper haha..
Since I can't get to sleep.. Might as well do another blog entry..

Since someone requested that I blog about my hotspring experience in Korea.. I'll accede to it and write about my experience.. But just to set the record STRAIGHT.. There's NO adventure with Melvin!!! Haha.. Don't make it sound so weird!..

The Hot Spring in Korea (or at least the one we went to).. everybody has to go in naked.. yes.. naked.. even the ladies.. but of course the males and females are seperated (but I hear there are other hot springs that have common ones for both males and females!)..

The "fun" began way before we reached the Hot Spring.. Because the ladies, especially the aunts and Indonesian ladies that joined our tour group.. Were like giggling and laughing so hard as they contemplated whether to go to the hot springs.. and whether exceptions can be made etc etc.. It was pretty hilarious actually haha..
For the guys, there wasn't anything of that sort.. I think army has trained us well..

The hot spring was a great experience.. my first time ever.. there were different hot springs available.. with various temperatures (some cold, some hot).. and with various herbs, mints, ginseng etc.. It was a great experience.. But I don't think I'm a very big fan of it haha.. People who know me will know that I like to try everything (or at least most things.. ) at least ONCE.. So usually I'm game for most things..

I'm not that big a fan because.. I don't find enjoyment in letting my body go through temperatures that are not THAT comfortable.. It was either too hot or too cold!.. and being in the ginseng hot spring.. makes me feel like a chicken.. being boiled to make chicken ginseng soup! haha..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Boiled Ginseng Chicken..


florence said...

hahahahahahhahha..... hmmm... are u yummy n tender??? tink the aunties will be hankering after u!!! =P

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