Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's a Tough Time

A friend of mine is going through some tough time..
Thanks (or no thanks) to relationships again..
Seeing her going through it.. Brings back some memories I would rather forget..
What she's going through.. Is almost a replica of what I went through..
Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to..
I fear another relationship failure.. Or rather.. I fear another relationship failure in the same circumstances..
I think it'll be too much for me to handle.. And perhaps it is something that's really holding me back..

Dropped her an sms and sometimes it amazes me what I can come up with..
You guys can quote me the great philosopher in future haha..
"In life, shit happens..
But we need these shit once in a while..
Or life will be one big constipation!"

Was reading her blog when I saw something her friend told her which I find very true and interesting.. (edited version)
"When you find the love of your life in future,
you'll look back and realise how foolish you are..
to shed all these tears."

So my dear friend who's going through this shit..
Cheer up!.. Jio me for kopi or smthg..
I totally understand what you are going through.. Coz i went through the same shit myself! Haha..

Time will heal the wounds.. Slowly but surely.. And when you gain your senses.. You will be GLAD it happened.. Be thankful.. Once in a while, we need to clear some shit out of our life haha.. Moreover, better a breakup now than a divorce in future!..

"And when you start to miss me..
You let me go.."
- As plagarised from Nickle's blog

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Is love worth the shit?


cyndax said...


In the past few weeks, I think life sucks and shits do happen. I had made some decisions in both relationship and career which cost me to leave a permanent scar.

However, when the shit is gone.. Like your quote.

Life seems to get better. I used the word "seems" because I didn't think it is GOOD or perfect yet.

But someone told me, "Have Faith", if you have faith, things works better.

I am trying hard to have some faith in myself or my other half.

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

It's good to be scarred sometimes.. Especially emotional scars.. Scars serve a purpose.. Scars are life-long reminders of a painful lesson learnt in life.. Because memories good or bad will fade..

niCke said...

cool quote u got there

hehe. it's so true!

i totally agree to tht. lol

n btw, you spelt my name wrongly

it's " Nicke " not " Nickle"


toodles n cyer next time..! ^^

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