Monday, October 09, 2006

Same-Same but Different

Recently just got some photos from my friends..
Friends who "owed" me the photos haha..
Looking through the photos.. It really brought back a lot of memories..
Some of the events, pictures.. I've already clean forgotten!..
But look at them and thinking back.. It's really very emo sometimes haha..
That's why I love looking at photos, letter, cards I've kept over the years..
Once in a while when I have the time and feeling emo haha..
Well.. Coz memories fade.. But all these momentos serve as reminders of happy (or sad) times in our lives..

It's really amazing sometimes.. How we'ver grown over the years..
From my long floppy hair when I was younger.. Then my dyed hair with goatee.. My ear piercings when I was younger.. And now my short hair..
Then from my sharp chiselled features.. fit and toned body.. to now when my weight keep going up and down (but mostly up haha).. When my friends meet me.. some say I lost weight.. Some say I gained weight.. I guess it depends on when they last see me haha..

Then the friends and company in the pictures.. Some you are still close with.. Some you are just thankful that you are keeping in touch.. And some you wonder what happened.. Coz they are out of your lives completely, regrettably so..
Unfortunately some groups of friends get smaller over the years for one reason or another.. But sometimes it's a good thing.. The ones that remain.. You can be sure.. are worth being friends with..

Sometimes.. Some friends.. Some meetings.. Some gatherings..
As the group size changes.. As the relationship changes.. At different stages of our lives.. The feeling.. Like a friend says..
Same-Same but different

-- Gingseng Tonic Maker -- Memories to last a lifetime..


cyndax said...

I haven't got much pictures of our group with me as I had left my personal laptop in Singapore. Your blog recalls some of my memories.. which is really funnie..

But I think people do change..

These memories remind me of a buddy I once had. We were so close, talked to each other almost everyday. One day, things just changed. We had not kept in contact for years.

It seems that I had lost a friend or I never cared for him. But I do deep inside. I wonder how he is and would like to send him my regards.

Although I recalled he had mentioned to me "Let me follow my dreams". I the past I felt his dream is shit but now i think if he is happy that is good enough.

Wonder what do he think of me? Well I guess he would say "Nightmare".

You probably know who I am refering to.

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