Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quote of the Day

"Success is not achieved with the absence of obstacles..
Sucess is achieved despite the presence of obstacles"

An original quote from yours truly..
Maybe one day I'll have enough quotes of my own to write a book or something haha..
I've always been fascinated with quotes.. Short and sharp.. Straight to the point..
Simple sentences that hold so much wisdom and truth...
Thought of the quote today on my way home..
After working the whole day today.. My mind was just racing non-stop on the bus..
Maybe it's the last quarter.. All the excitement and anxiety of the final quarter is here once again..
The excitement of the final burst and joy in achieving your goals and personal bests.. And the anxiety of not achieving it..

Sometimes it's so easy to give up.. Quitting is always an easy option..
Especially with what has happened in my life this year..
It'd be such a easy option.. I can just blame it on what has happened..
But thankfully I didn't.. And thankfully I'm not..
Althought it has definitely affected my plans..
I'll just have to keep on fighting as hard as I can..

Never quit people..
In life, there are always going to be obstacles.. Don't let obstacles be an excuse for quitting..
I'm not going to blame a failed relationship if I don't hit my goals this year..
I just have to blame myself for not being able to pick myself up fast enough..

It's easy to look at people who are successful and be full of envy..
And sometimes others like to say these successful people are lucky..
But they only look at the end result of success and hardly at the process..
Nobody looks at the shit these people went through..
But everybody wants to enjoy the success..
I'm sure there are those few that are really lucky.. Maybe it's the family fortunes.. Maybe it's lottery.. Maybe they just happen to in the right place at the right time..
But don't let luck determine your destiny.. Never Quit in the face of obstacles and go into self-pity expecting the sympathy from the world..
Coz I'm sure..

"Success is not achieved in the absence of obstacles..
Success is achieved despite the presence of obstacles"

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- A ginseng a day.. Clears the obstacles away..


cyndax said...

Your quote should be "Don't let obstacles be an excuse for quiting"

But I think sometimes it easy to quit sometimes it's hard.

I know its hard to get over.

floffy said...

hey.. the "man of quotes".. haha
ya... i gave up easily for 2yrs.. but this yr despite wat happened recently.. i'm still fighting on.. n ur piece really strikes a chord in my heart! jia you! =)

Anonymous said...

a big shot was a small shot who just kept shooting!


Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

cyndax>> Ah.. You are missing the essence of quotes.. direct enough to make a point.. but more importantly.. indirect enough to make you ponder.. Your quote would be too direct haha..

butterfly>> Keep on fighting.. After all that happened.. We may or may not hit our goals.. But at least at the end of the day.. We want to feel comforted that we did the best that we can!

junster>> and a small shot is a potential big shot who never got down to shooting..

faizah said...

huh? who shoot who?? haha

ehh ben u like jazz issit??? i luRve it tooo!!

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