Monday, October 23, 2006

My all-time favourite..

I'm looking at cars again.. Thanks to some bad influence.. *ahem*.. You know who you are haha..
Since I was looking at cars.. Can't help but went looking at my all-time favourite car again..
It's the Nissan 350Z... Also known as Fairlady (but nobody seems to call it as fairlady anymore)..
I juz absolutely LOVE it..
Even more than the more expensive cars like BMW's Z4.. and Lexus' SC etc..
Comparatively.. 350Z is considered quite cheap.. There was a guy driving 350z while I was in uni!! Can you imagine that.. It doesn't hurt to have rich parents haha.. (but i'm not discounting the fact that some undergrads have biz that are so successful they can afford one..)..
I do hope I will get to own one someday though..

HOPE because.. Being me.. I'd probably think that it's not practical to own a car like that.. And thinking about the costs.. I think it's more worth it to buy 2 cars haha..
Moreover.. being the filial son that I am *ahem*.. This car can't drive my mum around when/if i get attached/married etc..
But of course.. The ideal scenerio will be like someone I know.. a MPV for the family.. a sports car for ego trip.. and recently a JEEP for FUN!!!..
Imagine that!!..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Hot Wheels...


faizah said...

ehhh whatever the car is that u're gonna get (in the near future, i hope!!), dun forget to tompang me arrrr!!!

it's blanja time again!!! weeeheeeheeeeee

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

faizah>> Haha.. it's a very big IF..

faizah said...

even if the "IF" is huge or gigantic, it still could happen hehehehe

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