Friday, November 23, 2007

DNA Testing on Food

Remember reading a newspaper article a few days ago regarding some DNA testing for food.
If I remember correctly, it's developed with some $900,000 seed money from one of the stat board (which I can't remember which).

It's to prevent food fraud, which means if a packed food labels itself as chicken, the DNA testing will ensure that what's packed is chicken.
Which is great with all the food scares, it will make sure that no dog meat or *gasp* human meat is being passed of as chicken or beef..

But the DNA testing will not be able to tell if the food is poisoned or with toxins! So it means after spending more thtn $900,000, the test can tell me that the chicken I bought is indeed chicken.. but it can't tell me if I will die from eating it in case it's poisoned or filled with toxins?!..


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