Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What a Saturday..

What drama..
My baby dropped me a call on Sat at 830am wanting to wish me good luck for my Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) Module 1 exams at 9am thinking I would be on my way..

And good luck it was.. coz she WOKE me up!..

Manged to rush there and finish the exams..
And I passed!! =)

Your financial needs are taken care of (or can be taken care of) by a qualified person with *ahem* AFC designation..
So call now!! Haha..
You are/will be in good hands..

As busy as can be.. But maybe I should just go ahead and finish the whole course..
It's all about Time Management...
with Sales.. Recruitment.. Training.. Meeting.. Mentoring.. Gym.. Dating.. etc.. etc.. and now.. Self-Study and Exams...
Make it .. VERY GOOD Time Mangement..

Hmm.. Decisions.. Decisions..

-- Ginseng Tonic Master -- Superman in training..


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