Saturday, November 22, 2008

Legal Loan Sharks on the Loose..

Received a call from CitiBank about a week back..
It started off innocently enough..
I received a call..
The person on the other line introduced herself..
Being in sales myself, I was nice and polite.. Didn't hang up on her like most people would haha..

Then came the usual, oh as you are a valued client blah blah.. We would like to extend our offer of blah blah blah..
Which is basically some credit transfer for lower interest rate..

After informing her that it is not necessary as I do not have any loan outstanding, I was prepared to hang up the phone politely..
Then she made another "offer".. Oh we have credit lines that you can get at a attractive interest rate of blah blah..
Again, being polite, I told her.. Oh that's not necessary as I do not intend to get a loan or extra credit..

Then.. I think she stepped over the line when she said.. Oh Sir.. Why is that so?.. Maybe there's a dream holiday destination that you would like to go to? Or maybe you would like to start a business?..

How many people got tempted by that?.. And how many people are suffering because of the great "offer"?..
Many people out there not planning their finances well are already suffering due to overspending and bad money management.. That could be due to ignorance or irresponsible spending..

But for a bank.. to suggest you borrow money to go on your dream holiday and stuff like that.. That to me is just so wrong..

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Credit for you Sir?


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