Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Not like my mum will ever read this.. But Happy Birthday I'd like to wish her!...

We went for a family dinner at the Jap place above.
Ala-carte buffet dinner. Many selections available.
Frankly, the food is nothing to shout about.
But hey.. The company is the most important thing isn't it..
The best description about the place?

That's the birthday "gal".. With the birthday gift she's proudly displaying.. A bag from Charles and Keith..
Has given up trying to give her Ang Pao..
She will reject or return to me eventually.. Always insisting that makan can already..

So together with Baby Mich.. I arranged for us to go earlier before my Sis and brother-in-law join us for dinner..
To do a little shopping..
Jewellery?.. Aiya.. Mai lah (don't want).. Already have what..
Watch?.. Aiya.. Mian lah (don't need).. The exisiting one change battery can already..

Only after much persuasion and coaxing that she finally decide to choose a bag..
All the while worrying about how much it will cost me..
And only choosing one that she think is reasonably priced..

That's my mum..
And perhaps that's where I get most of any easy-going and good nature personality that I may have from..

And that's why.. Whoever has her as mother-in-law..
is soooooo LUCKY!! haha...

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barefoot girl said...

are u trying to tell me something? haha

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