Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thomas Chua Chee Siong

Thomas Chua Chee Siong... remember the name?
Most probably not.. But.. you may remember his story..
Coz I did.. and it has been a decade...

He was a invited guest speaker at our recent seminar for our organisation..
When I first heard his name, the first thing that came to my mind..
"Who the hell is he?"...
Then a reminder of his story..

More than a decade ago (1998).. I remembered reading an article about a teen.. Who got dead drunk at a party.. (How many of us haven't?).. the difference was.. he got so drunk.. he fell from the 3rd storey!.. Paralysed neck down..
Remember reading about it?..

That was more than 10years ago. Read it.. Felt sorry.. Sympathised.. And life moves on.. that's for the rest of us..
Seeing him in person.. in his wheelchair.. in his condition.. so many years since he is forgotten.. Life is never going to be the same again for him..

Luckily he had SOME insurance payout.. and he admitted in the past he HATED insurance agents.. that is till the accident... 10 years on.. His monthly expenses because of his condition.. is still more than $2,000 a month! Unfortunately, for most people, they wait til it's too late...

And incidents like this.. Reinforces and reminds me what I do for a living.. for my clients benefits more than I can imagine.. And that is the miracel of life insurance.. When a promise is delivered.. To take care of oneself or their loved ones.. simply by the magic of ink and paper..

This day on.. Thomas Chua the name may be forgotten again.. We will all lead our lives again.. But I do hope things get better for him.. And he remains as positive as he is now..

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Insurance is like a parachute.. When you are out of the plane.. It's too late...


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