Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Q&A - As understood by layman like me

Q: Is the practice of cash over valuation - the additional amount that buyers are willing to pay in cash above the bank value of a flat - a barrier to cash-poor Singaporeans buying resale HDB flats? Can a loan be provided?

A: Cash over valuation is not an HDB invention or imposed by the Government (Don't blame the gahmen, YOU created the problem) but part and parcel of any property transaction. (Shi zhe yang de). The additional amount has to be paid in cash becaue the banks and HDB lend up to only 90per cent of the valuation. (That's why the MP asked can a loan be provided to cover everything mah!!)

Buyers can choose not to pay cash over valuation. (Don't blame the gahmen, YOU chose the problem). Latest data shows that almost one-third of transactions are transacted at or below valuation. (Almost one-third means not one-third yet.. so more than two-third transacted above valuation right?)

Be prepared to shop around, do your homework and remember that not all cash over valuations that buyers ask for are realistic ones. (Don't blame the gahmen, YOU have a choice)

The Government will not ban cash over valuations, but leave it to the market of willing buyers and sellers. (Shi zhe yang de)

Providing a loan is not prudent as it will cause flat prices to go up further, such that when they fall, buyers will get seriously hurt. (Prices can go up, as long as somebody pay cash.. But if prices go up because of loan.. you will get hurt!)


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