Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dr. Andrew Goh

One of my colleague helped me buy a book written by Dr. Andrew Goh titled "Headstart - A month of motivation".

For those who doesn't know who he is you can click here . He was the guest speaker.
Not as well-known and famous as Adam Khoo (who is the other speaker that Prudential engages as well) but definitely more witty and insightful in my opinion.

Wasn't very keen on buying the book initially as I still have a few books that I have not completed reading. But my colleague who's very sisterly (or motherly) called to ask me again when she was at the bookshop which sells Andrew Goh's books whether I wanted to get any.. After hearing her list a few options, I decided on it.

I'm Glad I bought.. Impressed by the very first page I read..
Usually there'll be this page where the writer will "thank father, thank mother.. or the family etc..."
His was written in 2 sentences to say it all. POWER!!

" To my wife, Oon and
daughter Su-Yen.
Others see the product
but they endured the process."

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Would you endure the process with me?


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