Wednesday, March 14, 2007


There's a incentive trip coming up soon..
An incentive trip from my Manager for hitting last year's goal...

But the problem is.. I don't feel like going..
Because.. I'd rather be working! Haha...
I've been told.. that's probably a sign of workaholism(?)..

I don't know about that.. But maybe of course the trip though is a great token of appreciation from my Manager.. it's not exactly something really great or exciting..
Maybe that explains why I'm not overly excited about it.. and I'd rather be working back here..

Well.. It's NOT like I prefer working to relaxing and going for a short trip out of the country.. But sometimes to to achieve our goals.. Some sacrifices are inevitable..
Otherwise.. Where's the joy and sense of achievement in achieving a goal that is too easily within grasp?

-- Ginsen Tonic Maker -- To go or not to go...


cinner said...

maybe the destination of that trip is not where u want to go haha...

so where is it?

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