Thursday, June 21, 2007

Entrepreneurship in Singapore?

Saw this guy that was profiled on Channel News Asia recently.
He was a multi billionaire (Thai baht), big-time property investor and developer making lots of money in Thailand. Then the asian financial crisis happened in 1997 and he lost EVERYTHING.

From dealing in millions and billions.. He started earning peanuts (pre-durai peanuts dollars) from selling sandwiches on the streets! From walking around selling sandwiches.. He did well enough to employ more people to help him make the sandwiches.. Then did even better to open bakeries and cafes.. And now he's going to franchise it... AMAZING!!.. Talk about never-say-die and not giving up..

Ok back to the title.. While watching it.. I can't help but think.. If he were in S'pore.. He probably wouldn't have made it back so fast (or at least have to think of another way).. Because if he tried to do that in S'pore...

(1) Minisry of Health (or is it National Environment Agency) will
Give him a warning letter and/or fine and/or jail for
a) producing food without permit
b) selling food without permit

(2) Even if he tried to apply for permits for this it'd probably take forever because he will be pushed to different government agencies and departments until/unless he writes to the newspapers forums where he will then get immediate attention!

(3) Or just like the person who fought to start a business selling food from vans.. Eventually it was allowed.. But they decided to have a ballot for the licenses.. and the original person who had the idea was NOT allocated a license in the end!!.. How fair a system!

(4) Even if he were to be granted with all the licenses and permits.. He'd still fail because just like the mobile vans or the mobile ice-cream motorbike men.. They had rules and regulations to follow.. Such as very limited time where they can operate and very limited areas where they can operate.. Can still remember the restrictions on ice-cream men (before they changed the rules).. Can't sell near schools.. Can't sell near this.. Can't block up the traffice near that.. This and that.. Which basically means.. They can' be selling anywhere near where the crowds are!!.. *pengz*

And we wonder why Singaporeans are not enterprising enough..

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