Wednesday, June 20, 2007

*Smilez* =)

Me: Have you met up with Mich?How's the weather like now in Sydney?Do you stay near her?Did you inform Mich?Call or SMS her ya..Eh find some time to meet her up ya...Questions.. More Questions..Even more questions..lagi more questionssssssssss.......
- After bombarding my dear friend with my endless questions
and over anxious messages... -

Cyndax_Error: u must love her alot

Me: *Pretends not to have seen the msg.. Almost too shy/embarrassed to admit*

- More questions followed -

Cyndax_Error: geez can i find a bf like you

Me: Haha..

See baby.. Lucky you.. *Head tilts up*

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- It's past midnight.. 3 more days!!....


Michelle said...

Lucky me!! I never said I am not.

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