Friday, November 20, 2009

Money Money Money

Many reasons I've heard of why people do not wish to join me in the financial services sector as a Financial Consultant..

I don't work for money..
I don't like rejections..
I don't like to talk to strangers..
I don't like to do sales..
I don't like to do calling..
I don't think I'm suitable..
I don't like the job/career/industry (* delete where applicable)

..... and the list goes on...

Well, most colleagues I talk to.. We love to help our clients plan.. We love to do a good job for our clients and friends.. We love it when our work is appreciated.. Most importantly we truly have done our job when a claim is made...

Like everybody else.. We hate a lot of what most people hate in the list above..
We are humans.. We hate rejections.. We dislike calling.. We fear talking to strangers..

So are we crazy?.. I think a colleague's Facebook Post just about sums up everything..

"I work hard for money..
I work harder for things money can buy..
But I work hardest for things money cannot buy!"

Such as time with my loved ones, having the flexibility to plan my time such that I can be there for my loved ones when it's needed (does not necessarily means working short hours!).. And importantly.. Having the income to provide for myself and my loved ones..

Coz seriously.. If I can just do the things that I want.. without worry of money..
I'd probably sleep all day and watch TV!

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- That's life!


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