Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks for all the well-wishes.
Had a great evening with my wifey.

We went 3 Monkeys at Holland Village for dinner and a great laugh.
Kumar performs there on Wednesday evenings. He is soooo funny. Although some jokes are not new and there are a few which you probably have read of from the internet, his delivery makes it so hilarious.

They do not have a webisite (can you believe that?!) but you can call and make reservations 6469 1338. The gig starts at 8pm, to be seated by 730pm. For weekends, think he will be at the one in Orchard Towers.
Prices at $20 per head with a free drink. In total, we spent close to $100 with the food and drinks. Food portions are big, so two can actually share. Food is nothing to shout about but decent. Price is well worth it for the laughter and joy!

Thanks to my Wifey for the effort in baking the cake!


Anonymous said...

awwww.... wouldn't it be great if u can actually eat it? haha

B.Ang said...

It's the effort that counts!

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