Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to get from Nice, France to Monte Carlo, Monaco?

Transport from Nice to Monte Carlo...

Monte Carlo does not have an airport on its own... the nearest airport is situated at Nice, France.

It's a pretty functional airport... Really basic...
But the view at Nice's airport is nice... real close to the seas...

Airport at Nice, France

There are a few ways to get to Monte from Nice... Train... Bus (I think)... or Cab (expensive)... but the best way to get there?

Helicopter ride from Nice to Monte Carlo

Heli Air Monaco for 120 Euros (I think.. we paid by card..)
My very first helicopter ride!!

We were driven to another part of the airport..

Heli Air Monaco

Some pics of the heli ride view...


Heli Pilot

Heli view of Nice.. I think!

Yachts and speedboats.. everywhere..

Helipad at Monte

Heliport De Monaco

A great way to fly!

I realised I do not have a single pic of myself from the Heli ride...
The usual I took for my friend and my friend took for me with his camera...
Hope to get it soon.. maybe will update subsequently...

More pics to come....

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Best picture taken from Monte Carlo during my trip


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