Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reflecting on 2012

While most people set new year resolutions, I think it is even more important to reflect on the year that has passed to reflect on what can be improved and give thanks to what has gone well.

I have done it for the past 2 years and although slightly late this year, I think it is something that I wish to continue. 2012 has really been a significant year full of changes.

Top of the list to be thankful for is of course the birth of my super duper handsome baby boy. 

A lot of people say he looks like me. Just saying.

I think becoming a parent really changes your perspective of life and priorities. 
And it's true when they say not having a kid means my pockets will be fuller, my schedule to be out having fun will be fuller, but then my life will be a lot more empty..
I just have simple wishes for Nathan... That he grows up happy, healthy and "do no evil".

Some friends have asked me.. So how is it being a father? Must be very tough etc etc..

Actually.. No leh.

But that is only because and for which I'm super thankful... i have the help of my mother in law in taking care of baby Nathan, and my Superwoman mum trying to help out whenever she's not out saving the world.. And of coz my dear Wifey who's equally amazing and who will start moving cupboards and sofa in no time at all, I'm sure.. haha..

We also finally moved into our new place.. Totally love it.. The location is great.. And although doing up the house was way way way way way way way way way.. u get the point.. way off my budget.. of no budget.. (as in nil not no's DBSS what.. Don't judge me..).. Totally love the way it turned out and it feels great going back to a home that was the way we visualized..

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Professionally, I'm also happy with the way things are turning out. Although I'm still not earning as much as I was.. It is fulfilling my expectations and more when I decided to take the plunge.. Still quite unbelievable and crazy when I think back..
The exposure and chance to interview companies' top guns including regional and global CEOs.. The chance to see more of the world with the travels.. Also projects that require writing which I find interesting (I'm also open to freelance writing engagements if you have haha..)

Although I missed the chance to go Rio de Janeiro and see Christ the Redeemer with my own eyes because of Nathan's popping.. I'm glad that i was given the chance to visit Tokyo for the first time.. And was in awe of the scale and witnessing the Terracotta soldiers in Xi'an.
Also honored that I was given the chance to speak at a regional life insurance conference with regional CEOs in attendance and humbled that these veterans of the industry found value in what I shared..

So I must say and be thankful that 2012 was pretty good to me. And I hope 2013 will be even better. Just want to make more effort to catch up with friends.. And also hope my achy back will get better so that I can exercise more.. Or maybe I should exercise so my back will get better..

Anyway.. Whatever happened in 2012.. Here's wishing you that 2013 will be a greater one.. 

Reflecting on 2011

My top 3 favourites for 2012:


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