Monday, May 28, 2007


We went Tun Lok signatures for Mother's day celebration.
The place looked a lot nicer when I read about it in the papers.
Oh well, it's always the food that matters most.
Food was nice, price was reasonable and best of all, the person attending to us was friendly.
Service always greatly appreciated.. Guess it's because I have to provide service too..

You've just seen the most expensive laksa I've ever tasted and very likely, the most expensive laksa I will ever taste! Laksa from Chatterbox, Marriott hotel.

$32 for the laksa! But then again, it was really nice.. with big portions.. their famous chicken.. And a whole lobster. Luckily we had 50% staff discount through a friend. But it was still too ex by my standards..

Though the above places are nice.. and the food is nice.. My personal favourite out of all the food I've eaten lately is....

*Drum Roll*

*Ta da*.. Sandwich of love.. with ham, eggs, vege.. and *yum yum* melted cheese!.. *slurp*

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Food paradise..


faizah said...

heyyyy the laksa and the lobster looks soooooooooo yummy!!!

it's good that u didn't punch that driver and it's GOOD to post his plate number on your blog. we can all sue him ahahahhaha.

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

The laksa is really yummy!..

And no.. I didn't punch him.. Don't want to appear in the papers for the wrong reasons haha..

Anyway good luck for your wedding preparations!...

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