Monday, May 21, 2007

Live Commentary.. Coming to a cinema near you..

Was watching a movie over the weekend.. And it's unfortunate that I remember more about the incidents that happened in the cinema.. than the movie it self...

Question: What can be more irritating than handphones ringing in the middle of a movie?

Answer: When some idiot is giving a live commentary throughout the WHOLE movie!

Handphones ringing in the movie can be very irritating.. Very inconsiderate behaviour.. But.. the thing is.. sometimes it's understandable and forgiveable as long as they don't go on chatting for long.. because people may forget to turn it to silent..
At most it's over in a matter of seconds..

Please tell me what I can do.. When somebody gives a live commentary throughout the whole movie!..
I don't expect people to keep mum for the whole movie.. Because I don't.. I think it's inevitable there will be some whispers along the way.. clarifications here and there..

But what the 2 person seated behind me did was totally puzzling.. Totally disregarding social protocol.. or not understanding the meaning of Shhhh.... or totally inept at understanding body language (of people turning around and staring at them!)..

They went on to give the people around a live commentary such as (after a long time deciding from the many entries that I can put down.. here are the top 3!):

2nd runner-up
When the actor was searching through an ambulance with the words AMBULANCE clearly painted on the side of the vehicle and clearly shown on screen.. the girl went:
"Eh.. Ambulance hor.."

1st runner-up
When a shadow clearly passed by on the screen..
"Eh.. Got people walk past leh.."

My personal favourite
When the actors entered a stadium.. With a field.. Rows of gallery seats etc.. (confirm cannot mistake it for something else.. like shopping mall etc!) she went:
"Eh.. Stadium.."
At this point.. I couldn't help but shot back a reply out loud
"Wah lao.. Idiot also can tell lah.."
That shut them up.. BRIEFLY..

Only can think of 2 scenerios where this "live commentary" can be totally understandable and acceptable..
1) If the friend beside her is intellectually challenged - where he can't comprehend that it's a ambulance or stadium that is being shown on the screen..
2) Her friend is blind - So she needs to give a scene by scene explanation and description
But the last I checked when the movie was over.. They were walking and talking like anybody else I know.. Far from being blind.. Hmm but then.. not too sure about the intellectual part though..

As you can see.. I'm really pissed about the incident coz I haven't wrote such a long entry in a long while..

- Ginseng Tonic Maker - If you can't keep your mouth shut.. Rent a DVD...


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