Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stags' Night in Disguise

Thanks to Chong, Simon and Jackson for making the trip...
Not so much a Stags' night.. more like an excuse for a guys' trip to go over and cable-ski wakeboard!
With the usual fare of massage and seafood...

Good clean fun... Haha..
Was talking to the guy at the cable ski place.. Knowing that it was like a pre-marriage trip.. He asked us what did we do the night before..
Our answer: NOTHING!
So he said.. "Come Batam for Stags' night.. You tell people you didn't do anything, will they believe you?"
Well.. as long as my wife believes =)

Complimentary pick up by Isabella Massage
Check them out. Just call or email to let them know the arrival details.

Seafood dinner at Harbour Bay

Cable-ski at Batam. Falling in love with it.
Never had much chance to do it while studying coz it's such an expensive sport to be doing regularly...

Treat from the guys.. Dinner at Vivocity.. German beer and food...
(can't remember the name)

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Batam.. Kia!


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