Saturday, August 26, 2006

Arty Farty Fun

Never thought I would enjoy what I would term Arty Farty in the past.. But hey, Singapore is so small.. There's nothing much to do anyway..
And sooner or later we will all get tired of shopping, movies and clubbing haha..
So ya.. going to blog a little abt the 2 Arty Farty Fun I had recently..

WOMAD last night was fun. Good friends with a cousin.
It was a good experience on the whole.
Lots of sweating (it's at Fort Canning what do you think?).. Lots of Ang Mohs (told you it's Arty Farty Haha..).. Lots of dancing and swaying..
In short.. It's all about letting your hair down and sweating it out..
WOMAD stands for World Music, Arts and Dance (I think..)..
It's some festival thingy with performances, screening of artistic films etc..
But next year must be better prepared.. Will go fully equipped with mat, basket of finger food and drinks/wine etc..
Picnic under the stars as we enjoy the performances!..

Broadway Beng was entertaining.. More so than perhaps Grease that I caught earlier this year.. Think it's just different..
Coz Ben was very entertaining coz it's like a dance, musical, songs, stand-up comedy all-in-one.. and also coz it was very localised.. Lotz of Hokkien!
Whereas Grease was more of just a dance and music show.. And having watched the movie.. Maybe having to squeeze everything into the musical left the plot a bit thin..

I better watch my spending.. coz it's not cheap if i keep catching such shows!.. But I am watching my spending.. otherwise I would have given in to my temptation to catch Forbidden City too haha.. So I'm trying hard to resist..

But hmm.. Dim Sum Dollies anybody?

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Bitten by the Arty Farty Buggy..


cyndax said...

Hey man...
I am tempted to go back and watch these shows...

I always like musical or broadway...

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

Think there should be more and better ones in Australia.. so don't think you are missing much haha..

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