Monday, August 07, 2006


Conducted my first recruitment interview on Saturday.
It was really a great learning experience.
It was pretty fun and interesting actually to be the "interviewer".
All the practices and role-plays with my work buddy was nothing like the real thing.
Nothing beats experiencing the real thing and then REALLY think about it and learn from it rather than just talking and discussing about it.
I will only get better!

I'd probably be getting some stick from some friends for saying this..
They'd probably say I'm too emotional/sentimental and I think too much..
But I think that is not necessarily a bad thing.. so here goes..
Watched my first fireworks on Saturday without that certain someone.
Not that it made me upset or affected my mood or anything..
It was just a thought that came to my mind..

First clubbing session on Saturday to about 5 in the morning.
Never would have thought that I could have that kind of energy.
Well, one reason why I clubbed til so late was probably because it was pretty fun..
Ended up chatting and partying a little with this group of 4 cabin crew that was beside us..
One of the stewardess was like teasing me..
But I must admit I enjoyed it..Cheap thrill.. Haha..
Another reason is because it was going to be like my "last" clubbing session. "last" as in, in future will probably just go if it's some birthday/holiday/gathering/celebration kind of thing.. and not just because I feel bored on weekends..
Well, not like I have been clubbing A LOT but it's still way too often by my standards..
So I want to spend my time more constructively, not to mention save my money and more importantly my liver haha..
So we shall see how it goes..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Mentality Now: Work first, everything else (or at least most things) can wait..


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