Monday, August 07, 2006

Fireworks - Italy Team

Some of the Pics from my secondary school buddy of the fireworks we caught on Saturday.
It was put up by the team from Italy and I must say.. It was GREAT!

Some of the techniques that I saw for the first time..
1) Fireworks bouncing off the water.. REPEATEDLY..
2) Fireworks.. the sparks.. hanging in the air and floating in the air with the wind as there were small parachutes attached to them. (How amazing is that?!)
3) Fireworks with colour only appearing at its tips towards the end..

Hope the ones put up by the other teams are as good.. If I do catch them..


cyndax said...

Singapore finally make it to have such great fireworks.

I always thought Sydney has the best fireworks..Now..nothing is the best..cos some one will definitely overtake...

faizah said...

hey you went to esplanade to catch that fireworks is it? i was there too but i sat near the stage with the gigs. yup, it was definitely one of the best fireworks i've witness but some of it were the same ones as the New Year's. well, wateva. it's still nice!

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

Cyndax>> I'm not sure about the "best".. coz the one was put up by the Italy team haha.. so not exactly local.. local.. Haha..
Anyway.. Maybe next yr can let me know when is the best time to go over and find you.. so maybe I can catch the fireworks in Sydney..

Faizah>> Caught the fireworks from Benjamin Sheares Bridge on Sat..
Was at Esplanade for the fireworks on Tue.. Yupz it was really good.. Probably will catch the ones on Fri and Sat as well.. if i can find kakis haha..

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