Sunday, August 20, 2006

You've Got Spam

"Uh-oh" goes the ring-tone of my SMS.
And it really irritates me when it's spam.
Receive 30% off... Retrive details of how... Promotion available now.. etc..

The thing is, I don't feel as irritated when it's email spam.
And my polling results (of maybe poll size 5 friends), feels the same way.
So i gave it some thought. That's why sometimes my friends say I think too much (read: Bo Liao)

My conclusion. The reasons why we don't get as irritated when it's email spam is because:

1) It's such a big problem, we've given up while SMS spam is still pretty within control
2) Email accounts come free (mostly). So like all free things, we put up with the inconveniences whereas for SMSes, we pay for subscription and thus expectations are higher.
3) We usually have some time on hand and prepared when we check emails, so we are prepared to face email spam whereas for SMSes, we are usually caught in our daily activities.

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker--


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