Monday, December 11, 2006


Attended yet another wedding last night.. earlier in the day.. attended the party of my friend's daughter who is a month old..
How much we have all grown!!

Lost track of the number of weddings and ROMs this year of friends already...
So happy for all of them.. CONGRATS!!

It is just so blissful to find the love of your life..
And when I see the blissful faces of the brides and grooms..
It gives me hope that the magic of love still exists..

Though it'll probably take a teeny weeny bit longer for it to hit me..
After all the hurt I went through.. It's not easy for me to jump in whole heartedly again..
Though I'm sure it will happen (or at least I hope!! haha..).. sometime..

Searching for my fairytale...

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- ... and they lived, happily ever after...-The End-


cyndax said...

It gives me hope that the magic of love still exists..

==> I always believe it exist but havent meet it yet.

Even though I had some rocky BGR right now. I still believe in TRUE LOVE. We will find our fairy tale...soon.

For me, i am still trying hard to move away from someone..

faizah said...

aww dun worry ben, you will love again. when, that's up to you. i'm sure you'll be a great lover. don't give up ya..don't ever.

~~well, i can't wait for my wedding to come...

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

faizah>> Be sure to invite me to your wedding! =)

cyndax>> I'm sure we will..

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