Saturday, December 02, 2006

KTV Fun..

Went for a KTV session with some of my colleagues on Friday..
We badly needed to destress..

People who know me well will know that though I go KTV sometimes with my friends.. I don't sing.. For a variety of reasons.. but mainly..
1) I can't sing
2) I don't want to sing
3) I don't know the songs well
4) I can't sing even if I want to as I didn't study hard enough for chinese

So to save myself the humiliation.. and to save my friends who are in the room from my torturous singing (afterall KTV is meant to be for fun, relaxation and destressing haha..).. I just don't sing.. And I'm perfectly happy that way.. So don't EVER try to force me to sing!!..

So why do I go?.. As usual.. It's the company.. I just go so I can listen to the songs.. the singing.. the gossiping.. the fun and laughter etc.. So leave me alone to drink.. eat the snacks.. eat the fruits.. listen to the gossip.. and talking rubbish.. Thank you very much!..

So what weird/interesting observations about KTV I made? Here goes.. (Note: It's with no reference to any particular KTV session.. and no reference to any particular person!)

1) People who don't sing in KTV - Ahem.. Like me!.. Please read above..

2) The most heard word in a KTV session.. "EJECT!" - The moment the singing is done.. always.. somebody will shout.. EJECT!!..always! haha.. Nobody bothers with the ending MV and music.. So as to save time and maybe squeeze in a song or two Haha..

3) Should have studied harder in school! - Typical local lousy chinese standard style.. Sing-Sing-Sing-*silence*-Eh how to read that ah?.. Quite amusing sometimes haha.. But I'm not making fun of anybody.. Because my Chinese is very lousy.. And I'm not proud of the fact..

4) Slow to warm.. Then overheat singers - They are the ones who at the beginning.. Eh no lah I don't sing much/ Sore throat/ Not feeling well/ don't feel like singing today singers.. but they go on to sing like they are giving mini concerts haha.. (no reference to anybody in particular!!!)

5) Nevermind.. you take the mic.. you sing.. - But then..they can sing without mic.. And can still sing louder than the ones with mics.. Hehe..

6) Has gone on a few KTV sessions with different group of friends.. And I've always noticed.. hardly anybody sings English songs.. Why?

Note: Purely an entry for fun.. No reference in particular to anybody or any of the limited KTV sessions I've went.. Entry over-dramatised I'm sure.. And please do not ostracise me from all future KTV sessions Haha.. Because even though I don't sing.. I still enjoy a KTV session once in a while..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- No offence.. Keep on singing people haha..


Siew Mei said...

I like this blog....funny but true....

I agree with you totally for point (2). But it all depends on which group of friends you sing with :o)

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

Haha.. I'm the bearer of truth!.. ALWAYS haha..

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