Thursday, May 13, 2010

What is your Hobby?

A couple of weeks back...

Wifey: Baby.. Jill asked what is your hobby? I couldn't tell her for sure.

Me: Does making money count as a hobby?


But seriously, this seemingly simple question has set me thinking since then.
Such a simple question, yet I do not have an answer of certainty.

Have I been so focused on working that I have not been doing anything else?

Well, I played soccer when I was younger, A LOT! And I was not bad in it, representing my schools and played for youth team of clubs. My only real hobby I think. However, my leg doesn't seem to be taking it too well anymore.

I LOVE to read. Does that count?

Hoping to strike more of a balance now to live life as well.

Maybe I should take up wake-boarding/Cable-Skiing more seriously... Or scuba dive?..
But I usually won't like for long things that cost money haha...

Hmm.. I think I love to write as well..
Read AND write!!.. How boring can I be?!

So.. What's your hobby?.... Or like the Ministry of Education advert...

What's your passion?

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Finding myself...


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