Monday, November 27, 2006


Some random thoughts on blogs.. In no particular order or flow.. Just whatever pops up in my mind..

1) A lot more people read your blog than you think!
It's funny how there are a lot more people reading my blog than I thought..
When you meet somebody you haven't been in touch with for a while and they go like they just talked to you the night before..
"Eh.. you went XXX and you didn't ask me along ah.."
"So who is this "company" that you are talking about?"
And a friend who's msn nick used a quote on my blog..

Leave some comments and stop snooping around! haha..

2) No you don't know him/her!
Had this strange encounter some time back.. I was at the bus stop when I saw this gal and her bf.. She looked very very familiar.. If you know me, I can remember faces quite well.. (but i suck at names though..).. So for a while I was thinking where have I seen her before.. The processing is quite slow because I meet lots of people in my line of work..
And then it struck me.. she's like a fren's best friend.. And no.. I have never met her previously.. It's just my friend posts a LOT of pictures on her blog.. and coz they are such good friends, I keep seeing her face too..

It's a pretty weird feeling actually.. it feels as though you know the person.. but in fact you don't!.. just that sometimes through the blog.. you know how the person is like etc haha.. Weird..

But no such problems here.. I don't post pics of friends.. I hardly post pics in fact.. I only have ONE pic of myself somewhere along here coz I don't photoshop haha..
And everybody is a "friend", "good buddy", "work buddy", "company" haha..
I respect privacy of others..

3) The demise of the get-to-know you stage?
It used to be that friendship was forged over time.. And how much you know about a person depended on how long you have known each other.. For simple information like where the person lived.. schooled.. likes/dislikes.. etc etc..
But now.. all you have to do.. is take a look at the person's blog..
And it's as though you've known the person forever.. and you've grown with the person! You know where they like to hang out.. Who their friends are.. and what they like to do..

I really don't know if that's such a good thing.. because people change over time.. And it may cloud your feelings/thinking about somebody just because of history..
And there are times when people blog when in extreme emotions of anger (or whatever other feelings).. It may not be representative of the person in general..

That's all for now.. Too tired to blog liao..

Sidetrack abit: Somebody planted the temptation of cakes, muffins, cupcakes, pastries etc in my mind...
If you are reading this.. you know who you are! haha..
Hopefully can get to taste it soon...

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