Monday, November 13, 2006

Emotional Ride

I have a emotional roller-coaster career..
Like I mentioned in my previous post..
I can be feeling super-high or super-low..
Seems like there's no in-between..
Or maybe that's just me..
See most things in black and white..

And I'm feeling like I'm a Super Star that can do no wrong today..

Think it's not the best of times to be around me..
Not that I have any outburst when I'm down..
Nor do I get euphoric when I'm super-high..
But many pple have commented that I have this super-stressed(read: anal)
look on my face Haha..
It's subconscious I assure you..
So if you see me around or bump into me.. It's NOT that I dislike you..

It's such an emotional roller-coaster that maybe it makes finding a partner that little bit tougher..
I think a partner must fall into 3 categories:
1) Join the career
2) Super understanding
3) Equally ambitious

But then again.. I think it applies to most people and most careers hahaha..

Haha.. Another stupid post that is too long to be deleted and not very proudly brought to you by...
-- Ginseng Tonic Maker --


cyndax said...

What you mean by join career?

I would not want to date anymore guys at work.. --cyndax

floffy said...

haha... was laughing while reading it! maybe when u are free can suggest mgmt to set up a matchmaking dept? =P

Michelle Leong said...

So funny....hahahahaha!!! Well, life is like that de lah...up or down no in between...that is real true....relax frend cos i noe its the last mth to run for ur production..jia you wor!! ;)

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