Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Family...

Had plans to go Sentosa today.. And frankly.. That was about the only thing that I was looking forward to ALL week.. With all the stress and work.. Had really wanted to relax and have fun..
Unfortunately.. Things didn't work out.. And Sentosa didn't happen..
~ Sighz ~

As I had wanted to go Sentosa the whole week.. Didn't plan any appointments til the evening.. So the day was about to go to waste.. When thankfully.. a buddy of mine was free to go swimming with me...

Actually the main point of the story is.. As we were swimming at CDANS (Which is like SAFRA but for Civil Defence for people who don't know).. We saw a lot of parents with kids at the pool.. Swimming with the kids or mostly accompanying their kids to swimming lessons..

So my buddy and I were having a cup of coffee.. And we came to the conclusion.. For all the success or money that we are working hard for..
At the end of the day.. It's actually all just to be able to have the freedom.. and choice on when to work..
So that weekends like this.. We can just bring the kids for a swim as a family..
And spend time together with the family..

Sometimes.. I feel that all I want in life is very simple..
It really is all about the family..
But sometimes.. the simplest thing.. is the hardest to achieve..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Feeling emo again..


cyndax said...

Welcome Ben,
Join the "Wanting family Club" ..
Haha..I had been feeling exactly what you felt...

Sometimes, I wish after all the hardwork at work. I just want to go home cook a simple meal for my darling and enjoy the dinner with him. Having some catch up on our day. Relax and watch some telly.

Weekends, accompany him to wash the car. Take a stroll down the beach or grocery shopping (Aussie really bored. i.e nothing much to do) or watch a movie or play some sports or window shopping or even stay at home enjoy the coffee and read the newspaper and watch the telly..

Then plan to have kids...

It's not difficult right? BUT SIGH..I agree.. The simplest thing is the hardest to achieve...

IF and only IF it could be that easy to achieve...

"Because of IF there is HOPE..Err for me this is like a Hope that is too far away.."

davina said...

dont be emo okies!! i wanna go swimming but also haven go yet...u having good life!! bleahhhs :P

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