Sunday, November 26, 2006


Choosing a title for a blog entry.. Is a blog entry by itself haha..
Here goes.. With many other variations and permuations Haha..
Take your pick..

1) Blogs
2) Blogging
3) Blog on Blogs
4) Blogging about Blogs
5) Blogger blogs about blogs
6) Blogger blogging about bloggers who blogs
7) Blogger blogging about blogs of bloggers who blogs
8) Blogging blogger blogs about blogs of blogging bloggers who blogs
9) Blogging Blogger blogging blogs on blogs of blogging bloggers' blogs (Say it as fast as you can haha..)

Haha.. It's as good as somebody going "Hi, I'm a cook who cooks."
It's over-dramatisation.. It's crappy..
It's the same ol' corny me..

Wait for the new entry.. Titled: Anyone of the above

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