Sunday, November 05, 2006

Time Off

Took the whole day off on Saturday.. Not the best of time to be relaxing.. But I think everybody needs it once in a while to keep ourselves sane Haha..
Especially with all the stress and deadline coming up...

Started the day at Bakerzin.. The cake was what I had.. Loved it.. Very Chocolaty.. But it probably was a bad decision considering the plans we had for the evening Haha.. But looking at the cakes on display.. I just couldn't help but pick this one hehe..

Then it was off to Dim Sum Dollies - The Little Shop of Horrors.. It's an adaptation of some broadway musical (I think.. But I know for sure it's not a original script)..
It was good!.. Really entertaining.. (Especially this part about the Parking Aunties).. Entertaining as it is.. It held a deeper message.. About the conscience/price/choices people make and pay for fame and success..

Since Dim Sum Dollies ended around 5pm.. And we had to wait til 8pm.. We decided to have some snacks.. We went Hooters.. (NOTE: The pic is not mine.. It's found online..)
The location was NOT suggested by me.. My friend wanted to check out the Hooters Gals (which she wasn't too impressed with haha).. And the buffalo wings (now that was good!..)

Then it was the Chocolate Buffet at Fullerton Hotel.. Looks good doesn't it?.. The thing I was most impressed with though was the service.. Because they'll clear the plates even though it's not completely finished.. It makes the experience more enjoyable coz we can sample the different things and not have to stuff ourselves silly..
But the VERDICT: Service and ambience makes it really enjoyable.. Food was so-so.. The kind of thing that is a must-try.. But probably worth only one visit..

Most importantly.. The company was great

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Ginseng tea to cool the heatiness..


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