Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Life can be Cruel...

Usually my blog entries are very light-hearted..
I'm always glad when I have people telling me that they enjoyed reading my blog and had a really good laugh for some of them...

Today.. it's slightly different...
Can't help but blog about this that I read..
You should have read about this by now..

Widow of deceased bridegroom found dead

Remember the bridegroom who was found dead at Hilton Hotel on the night of his wedding dinner?
How terrible it must have been for the lady..
From the happiest day in her life to the worst...

Cannot imagine the pain she must have gone through..
But I do not think taking your own life solves anything..
People you leave behind goes through the pain all over again..

Once in a while, articles like this remind me that we should all learn to take things easy...
And there's definitely more to life than just materialistic pursuits...

Live life!

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