Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marketing Message gone wrong?

Was at Dawson having dinner with Wifey and friends. 
After dinner at the level 2 foodcourt which had direct access from the carpark, we decided to check out the place as we have not been there before.

There is this cozy café corner Plutus Patisserie at level 1. 
Wifey and friends decided to check it out. 
It is a café which serves dinner as well as pastries and ice-cream. 
Most of the stuff are made by them. 
As Wifey and friends were queuing up to pay for some cookies, I overheard a staff talking to an aunty at the ice-cream counter.

Staff: "Hi Mdm, would you like to try our ice-cream?"

Aunty: “Where are your ice-cream from?”

Staff (happily with a tinge of pride): “We make our own ice-cream.”

Quite impressive and interested to try "home-made" ice-cream, right? 
To which the aunty replied....

Aunty (curtly): “Oh.. so NO brand one lah..”

I almost fainted!..

Well at least in the end.. She bought a scoop. 

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Home grown ginseng?


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