Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thomas Chua Chee Siong - one year on

Remember the name? Thomas Chua Chee Siong? I blogged about him about a year back after hearing him speak at our organisation's seminar.
At the seminar, what I remembered most was how he shared openly on the accident that resulted from the drinking binge, the family support he needed and the emotional roller-coaster that he had to go through. 

It was inspiring to see how he coped with the misfortune and how he now has a positive outlook on life.
Why am I blogging about him again? As I was looking at some old entries, I read about my previous entry and it stirred my emotions again. Hence, I decided to do a little search on how he has been since. (because I'm too shy to make friends with people and he doesn't know me personally haha...)

And he has done well since...

As one of the invited speakers at an event held in Resorts World Sentosa (Jun 2010) Happiness, Resilience and Optimism - skills for thriving in challenging times. Among the speakers was a #1 New York Times bestselling author.
Tickets for the full event was selling at $2,899!!!

Looking (or peeping) at his Facebook photos, he seems to be quite a regular speaker at conferences and seminars of insurance companies now.
Happy that all is well with him, even though I do not know him at all.

Maybe the next book I read should be his: Beyond the Fall by Thomas Chua Chee Siong 

Beyong the Fall - Thomas Chua Chee Siong

Looks like I am a long way off being cured of my disease and addiction.

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Everybody falls, it is the getting up that matters!


Anonymous said...

Try this book also,

A Walking Miracle
by Art Saborn

friend of Thomas

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