Saturday, September 25, 2010

URBAN HOMME - Urban Icon Challenge

Urban Homme - Urban Icon Challenge 都市男 - 大挑战

Urban Homme - Urban Icon Challenge

Received an email from OMY informing of the above challenge...
In the past, I probably would have deleted it without a second thought...
Lately though, I really want to get high on life! and gain different life experiences.. and because.. I love to look good! hehe..

The write up of the challenge:

1) Would you like to "unleash your potential in becoming a modern, urban male"?...


2) Receive professional Urban Homme consultations, followed by face, body sculpting or grooming treatments targeted at enhancing overall images?


3) Over $35,000 worth of cash and treatment prizes to be won in total..

I'm SOLD!!!

So I sent in a short write-up, two pictures of myself (half and full) and my blog URL as requested...

These were the two photos that I submitted... Pics from our enjoyable Family Vacation in Hong Kong

Received a call and was informed that I have been shortlisted!
However, it is only for the audition which will be coming up on Monday..
Well, it's a start...
They are only selecting 6 finalists... so *fingers crossed*...
Check back for updates =)

Think it will be a great experience if I am selected..
Always wondered if such treatments work..
What better way to do it then to try it out for myself.... FREE!!

And I want to be the urban male with the valued traits of Urban Homme brand


Read more about:

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- 想成为都市男!


B.Ang said...

Check out how my audition for Urban Homme Urban Icon Challenge went....

B.Ang said...

The result is out and I'm not selected.. *sob*...

More exercise needed I guess haha...

Anyway.. if you are interested.. follow the finalists at

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