Friday, September 03, 2010

Wifey is the best!

Wifey has been concerned..
With all the blog entries I have about her...
She's worried people may think she is a unreasonable Wifey to me...

Well.. that obviously is NOT true..
She definitely is a GREAT wife...
It's just that I usually blog about incidents that are sometimes bemusing and frustrating all at the same time...
Incidents which I feel brings out the

differences of men and women...

So...... to make sure that I demonstrate I DO listen...
I've decided to have a Wifey is the best series!...

So to start off.. like what I posted on Facebook...

One of the perks of being married?... Wifey buys my undergarments!

which generated 20 comments in total!...
Underwear has a way of creating conversation eh...
Posting it here for memory's sake... coz I think some of the comments were hilarious...

  •  Corinne: Mich, dun spol the market. Can block Alfrance from this post? :p
    Yesterday at 10:55pm ·

  • Ah Kim:  Mayb she doesn't like Crocodile brand. ; /
    Yesterday at 11:00pm ·

  • Lu Ee: I buy 4 my hubby too! :-) Definately NOT Crocodile brand... Ha ~
    Yesterday at 11:11pm ·

  • Wifey: Ben "branded" one. He wear CK. nothing touch his ass except CK. haha
    Yesterday at 11:12pm ·

  • Me: G-String one leh!
    Yesterday at 11:12pm ·

  •  Lu Ee: Ben, Michael ask U whether it stucks btw Ur backside???!!!!
    Yesterday at 11:14pm ·

  • Me: It's ok.. coz i've got a FIRM ASS! haha...
    Yesterday at 11:15pm ·

  • Wifey: there's no need to share this information....
    23 hours ago ·

  • Ah Kim:  Hahaha! Hmm... Before Marriage: Crocodile After Marriage: CK. Okie la, both still the C brand la. Coolz. ;P After marriage, sometimes the butt becomes too fat, so underwear might become G string la. ;O
    23 hours ago ·

  • Me:  Haha.. Ah Kim.. that's a good one!!!
    23 hours ago ·

  • Aaron:  info overload.. :|
    23 hours ago ·

  • Lu Ee Ha ha ha ~ good 4 laugh!
    23 hours ago ·

  • Vera: Lol sibey farney; i like ah kim's comment
    23 hours ago ·

  • Ah Kim: Dang dang. ;P
    23 hours ago ·

  • Chong: si bay too much info man!
    22 hours ago ·

  • FlorenceLol!!! Ah Kim.. Ur comment best!!! :p
    then again.. Ben.. You better dun let us see ur VPL under ur pants!!!
    20 hours ago ·

  • Jess: Ooh.. Ben! Now I see u I know u wear CK G-string.... hohohohoho....
    12 hours ago ·

  • Me: Only the leopard preeeeeeeens ones!!
    12 hours ago ·

  • Wee: So shiok......
    10 hours ago · 

  • Jess: So we know the 2 Bens like leopard preens CK G strings... Hmm...

--Ginseng Tonic Maker--


Blackswan said...

Interesting post & kudos to u!

Marriage's good. Well, at least for me. My 20th anniversary's approaching fast & furious. Gonna use this excuse to fine dine again. Hahaha!

Nang u! Nice blog. Looking fwd to sharing @ Luxury Indulgence!

B.Ang said...

20th anniversary!.. that's really something to celebrate! =)

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