Sunday, July 23, 2006

Relaxation Methods - Cheap or Even Free!..

Feeling really bored. So thought of posting another entry.
Since I've been pretty busy and stressed with work,
decided to have an entry on some ways I relax..

1) Exercise - Swim, Jog, Soccer.. Anything.. It's a great way to keep fit and lose weight.
It's relaxing because: Just have to concentrate on the exercise on hand.
Make sure the ball doesn't hit your face, not drowning while swimming half-way.. More importantly for someone like me who hardly exercises now..
To make sure that I'm STILL breathing while exercising..

2) Get a Haircut
It's relaxing because: For that half hour or so you are sitting there while they are messing around with your hair..
Your concentration will be so intense on making sure that the hairdresser doesn't create any hairstyle that will leave you hiding at home for days, you will not have any brain cells available to think about anything else that is giving you stress..

3) Beach-out
It's relaxing because: Enjoy the sun, sand and the sea.. No internet, no TV.. Just people watch, get a tan.. and enjoy the beach games..

4) Teh tarik with newspapers
It's relaxing because: I really don't know. Maybe it's just for me. I actually find it quite thereaupeautic even. After breakfast, just take some time to read the newspapers and enjoy my tea. It's like after all the hassle and the stress of the week.. I'm moving at a pace fit for humans once again..

5) Great friends for company
It's relaxing because: You know that no matter what happens, you know you have great friends to fall back on. You know that no matter how different our careers, lives and futures may be, we are still the same great friends from our days in school uniforms where our differences didn't matter much.
And when we meet, you laugh over and over again about the same stupid things that happened when we were younger without ever getting tired of the same old jokes..

That's all for now..
Let me know if there are other ways to relax that I can try..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Too much stress is bad for health..


Faizah said...

i like the number 5, the one about friends. cos it somehow reminds me of WHEN THE HELL ARE WE GONNA MEET UP? heheeeeeeee

cyndax said...

POint 5, ayioh... i wish i am home...

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

Point 5.. The best option of all haha.. Always make an effort to keep in touch!..

Anonymous said...

Basket.. just name names la. HEHEHE


Anonymous said...

Always making an effort to keep in touch. I ALWAYS do that mah ....

The ever ON member ...

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

To faizah>> Hehe.. I'll call you soon.. hopefully we can arrange something..

To Junster>> Name names?.. juz who am I hinting at?.. OH i remember now haha..

To ever ON member>> can't even be bothered to leave your name.. still dare to say ON?.. haha..

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