Monday, July 17, 2006

Words of Widsom - From the most unlikely source

"The truth, no matter how ugly, always emerges.
And somebody you love, always gets hurt."

Words of wisdom above isn't it?.. Any guess as to where these words of wisdom came from?
Nope.. Not some philosopher.. Not some great men (or women) of history..
I heard this on TV from Desperate Housewives!.. Amazing isn't it?..

I think the show has some narration at the beginning and the end.. which surprisingly holds lotz of life's lessons and words of wisdom..

So take heed.. if you don't want to hurt anybody you love.. never lie to them..
because the truth always emerges.. ALWAYS.. it's only a matter of time..


Desperate Housewives said so...

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Whoever says TV is bad for kids deserves no ginseng


Faizah said...

hahaaa...really, DH said so?? i've never watch a single show..yup2 not at all...too lazy lah...

niweiz ben, good entries you have. makes me wanna come here often. eh i link your blog to mine can???


cyndax said...

Haha...Desperate Housewives eh..
Didn't know it was also such a big hit in Singapore.

cyndax said...

Hey actually it is very very true.. Let me start to ponder if I ever lie to my current love ones?

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