Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Those in need of Ginseng Tonic

Feeling real tired coz i've been working pretty hard..
Time seems to always be lacking..
And I really should/want to be sleeping now..

However, because lately things doesn't seem to be going too well for some of the people I know, either through conversations we had or me peeping into their blogs..
Thought I'd just post an entry to show that I care.. (If anybody bother to check out my blog)

For my friend who's loved one passed away recently: There's always the sense of loss; and missing someone who's gone feels unbearable sometimes but we can only have faith that they have moved on to a better place.

For my friend (or rather friendS) troubled by love: Maybe it's not the right one, Maybe it's not the right timing.. Don't be held to ransom.. Whatever it is, you have a choice.. Just be prepared to live with the consequences.. I've learned that if it is not meant to be.. it's better to let go..

For my friend who is sick: Take good care! See a doc if necessary..

For my friend who has been working too hard: Hang in there, you'll be clearing your leave in no time.. There's light at the end of the tunnel haha..

For my friends who's stressed with work goals: Control the controllables and things will fall in place..

For my friend who's apologetic: You are still my friend, things will be ok soon I hope.. but maybe not just yet..

I'm always just a phone call away.. That's what friends are for..
But always look on the bright side of life..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- Sharing my ginseng.. Cheer Up!


cyndax said...

I think you really care about me, cos i fits in 4/6 of your advise to your friend...

But...haha..i would like to say actually 3/6 now... cos i am not troubled by love now.. but well ...sometimes life is unpredictable.

Happy times dont always last!

Ginseng Tonic Maker said...

Happy times don't always last.. How true haha.. well enjoy it while it last.. as long as you tried your best.. that's all we can do..

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