Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thought Of The Day..

"Don't ask for trust, if you can't handle it..
Don't make promises, if you can't keep it.."

**What you are about to read is purely ficitional.. Any resemblence to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental**

I remebered reading some article about spouses/partners who cheat.. You'd be amazed that the first thing that these cheating spouses/partners feel is one of anger.. They are angry that their partners have found out that they cheated.. becasue these cheats feel that their privacy has been invaded!.. It's absurd.. It's like somebody who commits an offence gets pissed that the police investigated them and exposed them..

It's shocking and real saddening how people can cheat on their loved ones.. It's something that I can never comprehend.. How can they face their loved ones and lie through their teeth?.. How would they feel if it happened to them?..

But shit happens.. and say the cheating party gets together with the third party.. so is it going to be a one big happy party??.. What I think is that if he/she can cheat on his/her original loved one.. he/she can/will cheat again.. But then again.. mabe cheating party and third party will be happy together.. coz they understand each other real well.. maybe soul mates on the need/reason to cheat.. So maybe they will start cheating on each other.. and maybe both can lie and cheat so well.. they either don't mind or won't find out.. and they will be happily cheating together.. so let me see.. third party and cheating party cheats.. so there will be 4th party and 5th party and maybe more.. and the links continue.. hmm.. it will really be one huge party!..
(one paragraph of nonsense?! haha.. pardone me.. it's 340am.. and the semi-final isn't exactly catching my attention as i support neither team..)

Ok back to the main point.. and the quote i thought of in front..
Based on my research (quoting "inside sources" That's wat newspapers always use, don't they?.. Haha..)..
These cheating partners are the ones that goes,
"How come you don't trust me?.. We really are just friends/colleagues/classmates etc.?"
"There's nothing between us what.. We just went out.. trust me!"
"You get angry when I meet my friend/colleague/classmate.. That's why I don't tell you.. Coz you don't trust me.."
And the next thing you know.. It's a case of cheating.. Third party involved.. TRUST has been misplaced.. And the friend/ colleague/ classmate becomes the "soul mate".
So for people who can't handle the trust.. Don't ask for it!.. On hindsight, it will always look ridiculous..

And then there are those that make so many promises when deeply in love..
"I will never leave you"
"I love you forever"
"I love you so so much"
"I love you more and more each day"
and the next thing you know.. it's over.. empty promises...
Don't make promises you can't keep!..

Ok.. Think i'm getting sleepy.. The entry isn't making much sense.. But it's too long for me not to post it haha..

My advice:
For cheating party: Learn from mistakes.. Don't ever do it again...
For cheated party: Look on the bright side.. How many ever learn from mistakes? Haha..
For third party: wait to be burnt in hell or wait to be cheated on (whichever comes first haha..)

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker -- The result of bad ginseng today..


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