Tuesday, July 04, 2006


This is something that ALWAYS puzzles me.. ALWAYS!

Have you experienced this when you travel on the MRT?..
When you are in a rush and standing at the door waiting to exit as the train comes to a stop..
You are thinking of trying to make it to the escalator as quickly as possible so that you can miss the crowd and be one of the first to walk up the escalator and exit the station..
You get ready waiting for the door to open.. and then it happens..

**Imagine this in slow motion**

-Door Opens-
You step out of the train and make your way to the escalator..
Beside you, you glance that there's another commuter making a dash for the escalator too..
You quicken your steps.. Because you're really really really in a rush (NOT being kiasu lah!!)
The commuter (read: competitor) picks up his pace too!..
It's now as intense as the Olympics 100m sprint.. The dash is ON!

But i'm at a disadvantage.. Coz his legs are longer than mine.. Like the legs of most people Haha.. (but I will never ever run/jog to escalators or how some pple run/jog to the next train to get seats.. That's like way crossing the line.. and way too kiasu and embarrassing for me.. But that's a story for another post..)
So this commuter.. Coz blessed with long legs (and thus HEIGHT!).. gets to the escalator juz ONE step faster than me.. ONE step..
But it's all fine and ok.. I DON'T get a high by being the first on the escalator.. and he may be in a bigger rush than I am..

But the seemingly in-a-terrible-rush commuter.. once being faster than me by ONE step.. and once setting his feet on the escalator standing juz in front of me..



Stops.. and stand right in the middle of the escalator.. and blocking any path or thoughts of over-taking him..
HELLO??!!.. then why you rush in the first place??.. Haha..
Whenever I experience this.. I don't know whether to laugh of feel pissed..

Maybe some people really do get a high by being the first to the escalator.. and then BLOCKING the whole of Singapore.. Haha..

Try it.. Someday.. When you feel it's another boring day.. Get Your High in Life!!.. Get High On The Escalator! Haha..

-- Ginseng Tonic Maker --


Anonymous said...

haha..good one , ben ..unique idea from a brainy ben ....CCHB rocks !

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